Welcome to our open beta test! Make friends, play games, and collect items. Download Hideway to join our first world.



We invite you to join our fun community! Are you ready to help us build a new virtual world during our closed beta test?



Welcome to our open beta test! Make friends, play games, and collect items. Download Hideway to join our first world.

Frequently asked questions

Parrot World, Apps, and Games

1. How do I join Party Parrot World?

Download Hideaway and make an account. This will require an adult to verify their age and give consent. From Hideaway, you can download the Party Parrot World app. Hideaw

2. Which platforms can I play on?

You can play our free Hideaway and Parrot apps on Windows and Android. iOS and macOS apps will be added in the future!

3. What can I do in Party Parrot World?

You can chat with friends and explore an island. Play free and fun mini-games with the parrots. Create cool parrot outfits with lots of clothing and costumes! Visit our Game Help FAQs to learn more about our parrot world and games.

4. Why did you pick parrots?

Our parrots are inspired by the Kākāpō, an endangered parrot species. They live on protected islands off New Zealand. We think Party Parrot World is a safe place like that. Our community can play parrot games, socialize, and thrive on a beautiful island.

5. What parrot activities can I do offline?

Here are some fun activities:
-Make Jar Jam Oats, inspired by our parrot mini-game of the same name
-Start a band because music is the start of any great party
-Stack a pyramid to practice your mini-game skills from Rainbow Heights
-Draw the Party Parrots! Get inspiration from the community’s artwork

Account Creation and Verification

6. How will I verify my age?

When you sign up for a Hideaway account, you will get an email with instructions on how to verify your age. 

PRIVO, our account system provider, will handle the entire age verification process. They're a federated authentication and verifiable parental consent provider. There are a few different ways to verify your age. Children under 18 must get their parents or guardians to verify and give their consent.

Your information is safe and secure. Hideaway can’t access any information you used for verification. PRIVO doesn’t share or store it unless you explicitly consent.

Once complete, your account will be unlocked and you can play!

7. Why do I need to verify?

We want kids to be safe online. Hideaway is a family-friendly game that allows all ages to play. This requires all accounts to be verified by adults. VPC (verifiable parental consent) from everyone is a legal requirement of international safety laws like GDPR and COPPA. Verification helps ensure children on social platforms have their parent’s permission. That way, parents are involved in their children’s online experiences.

We know verification can be annoying. At least it’s a one-time process. After that, you can keep playing! Thank you for your cooperation in keeping our community safe.

PRIVO, an FTC-approved authentication provider, will verify your age. They have worked with many leading brands for over 20 years. PRIVO wants to make sure our community is safe. We know that verification can be a bit complicated and annoying, but you'll only need to verify once. Then, you can play!

Learn more about PRIVO and our other safety partners on our Parents page.

Beta Testing

8. Why an open beta?

Hideaway and Party Parrot World are starting small. We are launching them imperfectly and improving them over time. Players are beta testers who help us report bugs and suggest improvements!

9. Will my open beta account be saved?

Yes, your Hideaway account is permanent! So your Party Parrot World progress (Coins, Rubies, Items, Friends List, etc.) will be saved.

10. How do I report bugs and suggest improvements?

There's a contact form in Hideaway to report bugs and tell us about any ideas you have for improvements. Thanks for your help, beta testers!

Parrot Outfits

11. When will my suggested parrot outfit be completed?

We know many people are excited to see parrot outfits and costumes. We received lots of amazing outfit suggestions that we will need to review. The backlog is very long and will take time. It may take us a few years to get through the list! If we finish any of your items, we will add them to your account.

Thank you for understanding! This is our team’s way of saying thank you to everyone who has supported us so early on.

12. Why are outfit suggestions closed?

We received many amazing item ideas. As a result, we closed the form to focus on the suggestions. We are continuing to work hard on the outfits. When we're ready, we may ask the community for more suggestions!

If you have any other questions or problems, you can use the contact form in Hideaway to ask our support team for help!